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Our Hands Were Made to Heal

Our chiropractic services range from spinal re-alignments to massages and everything in between. Call us today for an initial consultation so that we can develop a plan of treatment crafted specifically for your own individual needs.

The Local Staff that Truly Cares

Our local San Diego office has been providing extensive chiropractic services, also specializing in Sports chiropractic care, for over 8 years. We focus on advanced chiropractic spinal corrections and adjustments that are safe and effective at helping you experience less back pain, fewer headaches, and most importantly the physical relief that you need to help balance your body for whole health wellness.

Our patients come to us from every walk of life, some are here because they have had accidents, others are doing their best to correct years of improper life choices, and some are seeking to maintain their physical balance as they pursue more active lifestyles. Our experienced chiropractors combine years of experience and training to handcraft a plan of treatment that is designed to fit your individual needs.

We'll Help You Grow

We know the little pains all too well. Everything from a little catch in your back, to a slight connective tissue pain can be the result of a misalignment or underlying muscular condition related to the bodys central nervous system. We wont just correct your spine and then send you right back out into the world to repeat the same scenario. Our services also focus on giving you the education you need to help prevent injury in the future.

Your spinal health is one of the most important aspects of your overall well-being. If you keep your spine aligned, everything else in your physical life seems to fall right into place as well. To help compliment your alignment, we offer a variety of massage therapies that will help deal with the specific pain that you are experienced. With massage therapy we begin to draw the circulation out around the areas that are bothering you. With the added blood flow, more oxygen is able to get into your muscles to help naturally reduce the swelling and pain that you are experiencing.

A Treatment Plan Just for You

Each patient that comes through our doors gets an individualized approach to treatment that takes every aspect of the persons physical well-being into consideration. We dont assume anything on our patients. We work with people of all shapes and sizes and focus solely on how we can help treat their spinal conditions. Of course we are interested in optimizing our patients health by reinforcing the need to follow a healthy diet, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for promoting muscle elasticity and bone strength. But we dont try and sell you on product.

Over our years in practice at Chiropractor San Diego, weve come to learn that most people already know how to take care of their bodies, even if they arent necessarily doing it. It isnt our job to mother you and tell you that you need to eat your greens or you arent getting up from the table. Instead, we will put you on our massage table and get you ready for a nice adjustment that will get you back into a better range of motion and speed up your recovery.

Comfortable Care

Your health is our main concern. We offer a variety of services for you to choose from. While our practices are completely safe, if for any reason you start to feel uncomfortable, all you need to is let us know. We would never push anything on you. Some people think that going to the chiropractor is a painful experience, we can guarantee you that we are the furthest thing from that. Were here to help alleviate your pain in a natural, drug-free way.

Our chiropractic methods are designed to strengthen and improve your overall life. Were not the type that would call ourselves miracle workers, but weve certainly seen our fair share of patients that walk into our office barely able to stand only to be able to walk confidently out the door after we are done working with them. Realigning the spine and getting your body back into a state of balance is a focused science. There isnt any guesswork or miracle work to it.

Our chiropractors continually further their education to stay on top of the latest developments in the chiropractic world. If you have any doubt about whether or not a chiropractor can do anything to help you out, come on in to our office and let us give you a consultation.

We're Not a Sales Staff

Were not into sales. We dont need to try and get you to buy into us. Were not really in the business of selling. We are, however, in the business of making people feel better and changing lives. Working with our chiropractors can help you make the transformations in your life that youve been dreaming of achieving.

We have watched people lose weight, become more physically active, quit taking painkillers, and even get rid of heartburn. Thats just the beginning of the list. Were happy to say that weve even seen people finally get rid of allergies that have plagued them their whole life. Our chiropractic services are all about helping you become a more vibrant, healthy individual that glows with life.